The Ottawa Fury FC GOALS! school program is not just about getting autographs from our professional soccer players and meeting our mascot Sparky.  We provide fun, engaging, and educational life-lessons that meet your school’s curriculum including:

  • Healthy Active Living
  • Character Building
  • Goal Setting
  • Teamwork
  • Anti-Bullying

Every student has goals, be it to get an ‘A’ on the next math test, to earn enough money to buy a new bike, or to become a pro soccer player – these are all GOALS.  The Ottawa Fury will come to your school to discuss the importance of setting goals and never giving up.  Our players will provide concrete examples of challenges they faced as children on their life-path towards getting to their goal of becoming a professional soccer player.

In addition to the inspiration and motivation your one-hour FURY GOALS assembly includes:

  • Ottawa FURY Emcee
  • Ottawa Fury FC players
  • SPARKY – Fury FC mascot *Sparky will also visit your K-3 students upon request after the assembly
  • Fury FC and SPARKY cards for every student
  • One FREE ticket to a 2016 Ottawa Fury game for every student
  • Autographs
  • Prizes for select students

Audio/Video requirements:  minimum one microphone, LCD projector for PowerPoint presentation, speakers, soccer balls (properly inflated)

Assemblies request dates/times must be morning starts Tuesday – Thursday. They are approximately one-hour long.

In order to deliver the FURY FC GOALS program to your school we need to arrange our visit around the training, travel, and game schedule of the Fury players.  Please consult our 2017 schedule of games at: *note: Home teams are listed on the left hand side

Dates and times for April-June and Sept-Oct 2017 are limited.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ottawa Fury FC for the amazing experience they provided to the students, staff and parents at Blossom Park P.S.

The students still talk about the exciting and engaging opportunity that your staff and athletes brought to our school.  The enthusiastic and professional manner in which the Fury members presented their messages about the importance of team work, goal setting and anti-bullying kept the entire Blossom Park community engaged and entertained throughout the assembly.

The Fury players’ willingness to share their own personal stories and your organizations’ eagerness to unveil your new mascot in front of 400 school children shows how committed the Fury are to establishing strong ties within our city. I wish your organization the best of luck during your inaugural season.  Blossom Park will be following your season closely and cheering loudly!

Kevin Baird
Teacher, Blossom Park P.S.


Once again, I can’t thank you enough for your amazing presentation yesterday. Many teachers came up to me afterwards to tell me how wonderful they thought it was.



Faye Hughson
Teacher | Grade 7 and 8
Earl of March School